Hi, I’m Tara.

I am a Woman. A Seeker. An Adventurer. A Believer. A Mama. A Lover. A Spirit.

I believe in speaking my truth and I want you to speak yours. To roar it, embody and become it.

​I want to help you trust your instincts and to listen to what YOU want.

Rediscover your wisdom.
Stop searching.
You are found.

About Me

I am in love with life…
Even the bad parts because I’ve learnt to embrace my dark side and I realise that even though I find life hard so do the vast majority of people and I feel less alone.

I have faced many challenges…
But with every 
problem, I have overcome I learn more about myself, my boundaries and I get one step closer to being the true authentic person I was meant to be.

I believe in nourishing myself first…
In order to help others. This is not selfish it is necessary.  As 
mothers, we often put our needs last and this leads to disconnection, resentment and a feeling of living an unfulfilled life.

I have made a commitment to my wellbeing…
And I want you to do the same. For the simple fact that you matter and you deserve it. This life is so beautiful and I don’t want you to go one more day without experiencing it fully for yourself.

Through regular grounding techniques, womb yoga, coaching, movement and essential oils you will find a deeper connection to your true self and discover a new way of being. One that brings connection, stability and infinite possibilities.

I want to help you to realise your true potential and to live out of love and not fear.

Fear stops us from doing what we want. I want to empower you to trust your instincts and make decisions based on your own wisdom and not on what others and society are telling you to do. I want you to break free from limiting beliefs and I want you to believe that you can do great things.

I want to show you that living simply and using the resources that nature provides can lead to a life full of connection, fulfilment and contentment. Living naturally and removing toxins from our bodies and homes can have a tremendous effect on our health and wellbeing.

I want to see you rise to be the person you truly are. To embrace yourself as you really are. To respect and celebrate the body you were given. To stand tall and to make decisions based on your intuition and wisdom and not out of fear.

Womb Yoga
Womb Yoga allows us to access our inner guidance system so that as women we can lead more peaceful, enriched and empowered lives. Designed to deeply nourish the mind, body and soul and to bring healing to our hips, pelvis and reproductive organs, Womb Yoga helps us to reconnect to the wisdom of our womb cycles through restorative postures, deep relaxation and conscious breath-work. I teach weekly classes at Life Balance Yoga in Bantry.

1:1 Coaching
Speaking with someone who is not connected to your day to day life can offer tremendous relief and clarity for any issues that you are dealing with. When you are in it, it’s so hard to see a way out but coaching and guidance can help you get there. I offer coaching sessions to suit individual needs. Please get in touch to find out more. 

Essential Oils
I use high-grade therapeutic oils from DoTERRA, an incredible company that provides opportunities for us to invite more natural solutions into our daily lives. The name doTERRA literally translates as ‘gift of the earth’ and working with these oils will not only strengthen your connection to nature but will also unravel a deeper connection with yourself. Working on the mind, body and spirit essential oils are a great way of tackling any underlying health issues naturally, removing toxic chemicals from your home and introducing more peace and serenity into your life.

I offer one-to-one wellness consultations to better understand your needs and will suggest some powerful oils to help you tackle any current issues and empower you towards better health.

For those looking for a new business venture doTERRA provides a compensation plan to help those who want to be financially free and who are looking to connect with like-minded individuals. I provide one-to-one business mentoring and business building and have a dedicated team who will support you along the way.

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